Every year about this time during wedding season I get shocked at how fast the last year has zoomed by. Time is a funny thing. It seemingly goes slow when  something daunting is happening, and speeds by when exciting things are happening. The year leading up to wedding season & wedding season itself would be the latter. I met Heather just about a year ago in a sweet little coffee shop in Charlottetown & she was wearing the sweetest little bracelet with the word ‘blessed’. I knew at that moment she was my kinda person.  Being a part of love being celebrated is such an amazing feeling. It’s still all really surreal to me.  Honestly, blessed doesn’t really cover how I feel about the experiences and people that my chosen life career has brought me.


Oh.. and Sully was part of our engagement shoot too! He’s a sweet little dog with a whole lot of love in his heart! Such an adorable face!

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Heather and Mark won both my sister ( Kim Roach Design ) and I’s heart as soon as we met them. They are totally head over heels for each other. In an obvious, lovely, all my love is for you, sweet type of way. They giggle like it’s their first kiss even though they have been together for a lot of years. It’s that kind of love. For real and amazing.


“Look in my eyes and you will find me, but look in my heart and you will find you.”


So in love. Hearts showing in their eyes non stop. Can’t help but want to smile around them and be happy for them!